This is one wild adventure through the desert! One of my favorite thing’s that I did while I was there.Our driver Shariq, was awesome!!!!

Tina M Allen Tourist

Everything was amazing! I’m very happy because I used your services. Also our driver Alex was very good. I recommend Red Dune Desert Safari!

Daniela Duran Tourist

Very exciting , love it so much don’t miss when you visit in Dubai first time to see the desert.

Bas Sanyapong Tourist

Great day at this place, full of people from every where having fun and nice attractions for all, since youngers untill grandpa enjoyed yo much the ridde. Congrats

Tobby Jose Tourist

Our guide and tour driver was the best! Mansour made our experience a very memorable one. I will definitely recommend this for everyone who visits Dubai.

Ami Antony Tourist

It was an exciting journey of safari & a scary one too..anyway lots of people whom we don’t know.. got to exchange our views & met lot of lovely friendly people.. nice place to visit..never miss this chance.

Vijay Nair Tourist

That was the ride from hell. It was crazy excited and the driver is a bad ass driver. #Iloveit and #enjoyedit, I will go again I never seeing sand in that color. The view, just sand but it was beautiful

Sandra Phillips Tourist